As the years pass by, home maintenance becomes an ongoing job as general wear and tear occurs. Walls are patched and painted, fixtures and fittings are repaired or updated. But what about the things we can’t see? It can be tricky to know when your home needs to be rewired, but for the safety of your family and the preservation of your home and belongings, it is important to review the current state of your electrical wiring to determine whether it is in need of attention.

Old or deteriorated wiring can be dangerous as it poses a risk of shock, electrocution or fire. Even if these events don’t occur, outdated wiring and switchboards can cause power fluctuations that can damage your appliances.

A good place to start is with your switchboard:
• Is it old? If your home is older than 30 years it could be due for an electrical update. Modern appliances have the potential to put a large strain on old wiring systems.
• Does it contain porcelain fuses? If so it is a good sign that the wiring will be old and potentially dangerous. Replacing your old fuse box with a modern switchboard is also beneficial to improving your home’s safety.
• Are there safety switches installed? If the safety switch trips frequently it could be an indication your home needs to be rewired. Whilst safety switches are very helpful in protecting your home from electrical shock or fire, it is still not a guarantee of complete safety.

Have a look at your wiring:
• Is it black rubber or cloth covered? These types of wiring can be common in older Melbournian homes and both can present a real risk of electrocution or fire.
• An easy way to check your wiring is to find your manhole, grab a torch and poke your head into your roof cavity to see if you can locate them running along your beams and trusses.

Always striving to go Above and Beyond, we are happy to inspect your wiring and offer our expert advice on your best course of action if you have identified any of these issues or are concerned with your home’s wiring. Contact Captain Electric today on 1300 445 996 or visit our website (REC 18185)