If you have children or have spent time with children you will know that curious little minds tend to lead to curious little fingers in power points and other places they generally shouldn’t be! Even the most diligent parent or caregiver can’t always foresee the interesting (and dangerous) predicaments children are capable of getting themselves into.

To rest-easy knowing that your home is child-safe we have gone Above and Beyond to supply you with a comprehensive list of safety tips to ensure your children are protected.

  1. Electrical Outlets: Often an alluring beacon to young children, power points should be covered with face plates or plastic outlet caps that plug straight into your outlet.
  2. Electrical Cords: Little people can see a jumble of cords as an invitation to tug on them and play with them. Try to keep them neatly organised with a cord clip and have them as out-of-sight of children as possible. If you can’t keep the cords out of reach you can purchase a cord and outlet cover that makes it impossible for your appliances to become unplugged by children. Make sure to check all your electrical cords for damage – any that are fraying or split should be disposed of or repaired immediately.
  3. Extension Cords: Are not a great idea with small children as they usually run along the floor and therefore can be played with, tripped over or pulled on. If you are relying on an extension cord each day because there isn’t a nearby power point then it may be a good idea to get an electrician to install a new outlet so you no longer need to use the extension lead.
  4. Appliances near water: It’s important to remember that once you’ve finished using your hair dryer that it is packed away immediately.
  5. Age-appropriate information: If you child is old enough, it is smart practice to have discussions about electrical safety. Warn them about the dangers of water and electricity, not to put anything into outlets or appliances (such as a toaster), not to climb tall trees near powerlines, and how to unplug appliances safely.

For further information and interactive activities for your kids to try visit ESV’s Powersafe Buddies page here.

As a family-owned business we are invested in child safety, and implore that if you have any concerns about electrical safety in your home to be proactive and contact Captain Electric on 1300 445 996 or visit our website www.captainelectric.com.au (REC 18185) for expert advice.