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Assessing the Condition of Your Switchboard: Is it Time to Upgrade?

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It is a good idea to take the time to consider whether your switchboard is ready for an update, especially if your home is 30 years or older. What is a Switchboard? An electrical switchboard is a device that sends electricity from one or more

Seven Questions You Should Ask Your Electrician

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If you are hiring an electrician, you want to make sure they are up to the job. Dodgy electrical repairs and wiring can be dangerous and could lead to further problems down the track. The best way to tell whether or not the electrician you are talking to

Our 4 Tips for Selecting the Perfect Light Fitting

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When it comes to choosing the right light fittings for your home or renovation project, looks aren’t the only thing that count. The light fittings you choose will affect the entire atmosphere of your home or office, and can even have an impact on your

What to do in an Electrical Brown Out

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What is an Electrical Brown Out? Have you ever experienced a time when your lights seemed dimmer than normal or you couldn’t get the kettle to boil? What you were experiencing may have been an electrical brown out. Brown outs often occur during storms, high

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