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[ VIDEO ] Electrical Defect Notices Explained

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Has your Electricity Distributor issued you with a defect notice and turned off your power? What do you do now?? Read on or watch the quick video above to learn more about your next steps. What is an Electrical Defect Notice? A Defect Notice is

What to do in an Electrical Brown Out

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What is an Electrical Brown Out? Have you ever experienced a time when your lights seemed dimmer than normal or you couldn’t get the kettle to boil? What you were experiencing may have been an electrical brown out. Brown outs often occur during storms, high

Electrical Safety in Your Home

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Electricity can cause serious and potentially fatal injuries, especially to children and pets. Learn what to do and what to avoid to ensure that your home is safe for your family at all times. Here are Captain Electric's Do's and Don'ts.... Do! Keep appliances regularly

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