When it comes to choosing the right light fittings for your home or renovation project, looks aren’t the only thing that count. The light fittings you choose will affect the entire atmosphere of your home or office, and can even have an impact on your electricity bill, so it’s important that you choose carefully. Here are four things you should take into consideration when choosing the right light fittings.

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Take each room separately and think about the activities that take place in each one. This will give you an indication as to your lighting requirements. Bedrooms won’t need as much light as a home office, so you can plan accordingly and decide whether you need features like dimmers as an option. Stairs should always be well lit for safety reasons while other areas like open plan living and dining rooms may need to have different options for different purposes.

2. How important is energy efficiency for you?
If you want to save money on your electricity bills, consider energy efficient light fittings, especially for lights that are likely to be left on for long periods of time. This could mean making use of LEDs or energy efficient bulbs, and you will need light fittings that are compatible.

3. How effectively do they light the space?
Downlights are great for highlighting certain areas but for general illumination of a room they can cast pools of light on the floor while making the ceiling look dark and gloomy. For more effective all round lighting you may want to choose a pendant light, or other source of omni-directional lighting like a wall-mounted light fixture. For task-based activities like cooking and working, spotlights can provide a beam of focused light more effectively.

4. What is your budget?
There are numerous lighting solutions in the marketplace at the moment, and developments in technology mean they keep on improving and the price tags increasing. Whether you are building or renovating, it’s important that you are aware of your budget and look for a lighting solution that is functional, looks great and doesn’t blow out your costs.

Choosing the right light fittings shouldn’t be a hassle. Whatever you decide on, it’s important that fittings and lights are professionally installed by an experienced and qualified electrician. For help with your light fittings call Captain Electric (REC 18185) on 1300 445 996 today or visit our websitewww.captainelectric.com.au. Captain Electric – we go Above and Beyond.