Lighting Upgrades

LED lights are sophisticated electronic devices, revolutionising the lighting systems in homes and businesses across Australia.

Offering a potential energy saving of more than 80%, Captain Electric is pleased to undertake upgrades of the tired old lighting in your home -so you can take part in this revolution too.

An upgrade to LED lighting has plenty of advantages you possibly didn’t know about.

Increased Efficiency

LED offers an estimated energy efficiency of 80-90% compared to traditional lighting and conventional bulbs.

Lower Power Bills

All that energy efficiency equates to drastically reduced power bills.

Exceptionally Long Life

LED fittings are rated to last 50,000 hours, against 12,000 hours for metal halide and 5,000 for halogen, so reducing the need for replacement.

Great Durability

LEDs can withstand the most rough and rugged conditions. They're tough, shock-resistant and built to last, making them ideal for outdoor lighting systems.

Brilliant Light

LEDs provide excellent light output and consistent light in warm colours, as bright as a 50W halogen.

Hot Spot Reduction

Halogen lights can get dangerously oven-hot at more than 300c. Downlights are much cooler at less than 80c, making them a safer and more user-friendly option.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

It’s estimated that upgrading 20 downlights can permanently offset the emissions from your own car plus five of your friends. How cool is that?

Low Voltage

Because LED lights are so bright, a low-voltage power supply is sufficient to power them. This makes them ideal for remote areas, and for use with solar energy systems.

Cold and Heat Resistant

LED withstands the extremes of both heat and cold, making this form of lighting ideal for outdoors.

Instant Lighting

LED lights power up and brighten immediately, with no lag time.

So why not call Captain Electric today and discuss an upgrade of your old lighting system?

Consider LED lighting for your home, office or business premises, and we’ll show you how to maximise the transformative power of this exciting technology.

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