Has your Electricity Distributor issued you with a defect notice and turned off your power? What do you do now?? Read on or watch the quick video above to learn more about your next steps.

What is an Electrical Defect Notice?

A Defect Notice is issued by your electricity distributor if they find your electrical installation does not comply with safety standards. This may be due to any number of issues including old or faulty wiring, damage to the mains connection box or trees growing too close to overhead wires. Depending on the severity of the issue the Distributor may need to disconnect the electricity until repairs are made.

Why am I responsible for fixing the issue?

All property owners or occupiers are responsible for the service mains that extend onto their property. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that your connection is maintained and safe.

Who can repair the fault?

A Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) must carry out any work related to rectifying the fault. Before giving the go ahead make sure the tradesperson is qualified. You can do this by asking to see their license  or by looking for their details here. You should engage an experienced tradesperson for this type of work as the fault may be tricky to find and repair. Ask questions before you give the go ahead to gauge their expertise!

The Electrician will be required to provide a Certificate of Electrical Safety on completion of any works. Depending on the type of fault, the work may also need to be inspected by an Electrical Inspector. The Distributor will not re-instate your connection unless you have had the worked repaired and certified by a licensed electrician.

If you are in Melbourne and have been issued with a defect notice call Captain Electric (REC 18185) on 1300 445 996 or visit www.captainelectric.com.au. We offer 24/7 emergency assistance so don’t let this late night or weekend drama stress you out!