Top Tips for Electrical Safety with Children

If you have children or have spent time with children you will know that curious little minds tend to lead to curious little fingers in power points and other places they generally shouldn’t be! Even the most diligent parent or caregiver can’t always foresee the interesting (and dangerous) predicaments children are capable of getting themselves into. To rest-easy knowing that

Electrical Health Check: What You Need to Know Before You Purchase a Home

Buying a new home can be fraught with stress. Reading Section 32s, making sure you have your finances in order and organising pest and building inspections are all part of the process before putting in an offer. What can be overlooked is the electrical health of the home. Below are a list of simple electrical health checks you can do

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[ VIDEO ] Electrical Defect Notices Explained

Has your Electricity Distributor issued you with a defect notice and turned off your power? What do you do now?? Read on or watch the quick video above to learn more about your next steps. What is an Electrical Defect Notice? A Defect Notice is issued by your electricity distributor if they find your electrical installation does not comply with

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Why Do You Need Surge Protection?

Having seen damaged or destroyed appliances due to electrical surges, we aim to go Above and Beyond to explain the risks of electrical surges and how simple it is to protect your household appliances. Electrical surges pose a risk to your most expensive and important devices and can occur when the voltage increases above the norm for 3 nanoseconds or

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