Looking to the Future: Solar Power

Solar power isn’t new, most consumers are aware of its environmental and economic benefits. However as technology advances so does the way we can deliver and supply solar power to your home that makes it a very practical and reliable option in replacement of traditional electricity. Previous solar power systems used either a grid-connected or an off-grid system. On-grid systems

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Let’s Talk About Mains

Alongside upgrading your switchboard (see our blog post HERE), it is beneficial to review your current mains supply to ascertain whether it is adequately servicing your home. Mains cables go from your switchboard to the incoming power supply point, either to aerial power lines in the street or to an underground pit near the street. Most new homes are wired

10 Hot LED Strip Lighting Design Ideas

When you hear ‘LED strip lighting’ do you immediately think of kitchen cabinet lighting? Whilst this is definitely a great application of LED strip lighting, there are SO many other options. But first – what exactly is LED strip lighting? An LED strip light is an adhesive backed strip of surface mounted light emitting diodes (yep that’s what LED stands

[ VIDEO ] When is it Time to Upgrade my Switchboard?

Like anything else in your home, switchboards need a little TLC and maintenance from time-to-time. It is a good idea to take the time to consider whether your switchboard is ready for an upgrade, as old, out-dated switchboards can be both dangerous and inefficient. In this quick video, Michael talks you through what you should check in your switchboard to

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